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Is your elevator in need of modernisation?

Your elevators reflect a lot about your business image to your customers. We know that lifts, being in constant use, the equipment reliability decreases and the interiors get tired and tatty over time. We also know that replacing your lift is very costly. So, to improve your users' experience and your branding, then our modernisation solutions will be perfect for you.

We offer a comprehensive lift modernisation service. What’s more, updating your elevator and its interiors is a less costly option than replacing the lift entirely.

Why should you consider Lift Modernisation?

Our modernisation options extend and protect the life of your elevator equipment. Constant breakdowns and expensive repairs are a sure indication that modernisation will be beneficial. Therefore, modernising your lift also includes an opportunity to invest in new technology and equipment. That investment improves your business image and the overall user experience as well as safety, efficiency and reliability for lift passengers.

Complying to the latest Safety Regulations

Safety of your lifts is critical to avoid accidents and injury. And, compliance to latest European and British Standard Safety Regulations is an essential feature of building maintenance programmes. This is because, outdated electronic and mechanical equipment eventually cause unexpected breakdowns and ongoing reliability.

Therefore, our comprehensive Concept Elevator modernisation programme, address these requirements.

Sustainable, energy efficiency, and cost saving all with a modern feel

In a world demanding sustainability, then our lift modernisation programmes are an ideal opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of the lift equipment as well as improved servicing methods. Our modernisation programmes give your lift an enhanced passenger experience. Our modernised lift cars deliver a smoother ride along with a beautifully designed modern interior using sustainable materials and efficient lighting. All these features improve running costs, energy efficiency, sustainability and your building's overall carbon footprint and saves you money.

Technical Advantages

We work with Open Protocol Equipment, microprocessor-based control systems, geared and gearless hoisting machines, digital AC drive, VVVF door operators, updated door equipment, new elevator car aesthetics, new landing and car fixtures, new LED lighting and disabled requirements.  We work with our clients to determine the best modernisation solution that optimises passenger flow within your building. We have the knowledge, know-how and experience to update old and inefficient equipment to modern-day standards.

Please contact us to arrange a modernisation survey of your lift and equipment to determine which package is most beneficial for your needs.

Our Satisfied Customers

Case Studies

  • Richmond Building Modernisation
  • Warner Leisure Hotels Modernisation
  • Holme Lacey Hotel Modernisation
  • Norwood Green Care Home Modernisation
  • Queens Hotel Modernisation
Project Summary

The Richmond Building was originally built in 1965 and remains one of the largest purpose-built students’ union buildings in the UK, with a floor area equivalent to nearly 4 full-size football pitches and serves 8 floors. The re-design of the £30 million project started 5 years ago.

Phase 1 was completed in March 2013, incorporating a new focal entrance foyer, swimming pool changing village, teaching and administrative spaces to the upper floors & remodeled public realm.

Phase 2 was completed in December 2014 and boasts 200 new study spaces, with spectacular views across the city, two state-of-the-art theatres, two café bars, several activity rooms, a digital media suite, dance studios, music studios and a refurbished gig venue, The Anson Rooms, with a capacity for over 1,000 people.

Project Summary

Each lift was programmed for a three week lift down time period with the hotel managing their booking operations to suit. This ensured that guests with access difficulties were not inconvenienced. To complete the project Concept co-ordinated between 4 of their appointed sub-contractors, namely the electrician, the lift engineering team, the car re-line contractor and the independent lift tester. With hard work and great communication Concept Elevators delivered the first lift early, allowing the customer to let us start works on the second lift a week early. Concept Elevators delivered the whole project two weeks early much to the delight of our customer and their guests.

Project Summary

This lift was planned over a three week period, again co-ordinating with the hotel so they could manage book- ings and protect their guests from any unnecessary disruption and inconvenience. To complete the project Concept co-ordinated between 4 of their appointed trusted contractors, namely the electrician, the lift engineering team, the car re-line contractor and the independent lift tester. The most challenging element of the project was removing the car door panels, re-skinning them and adjusting the recently installed car door operated that was being maintained. The team delivered the lift on time to a satisfied customer.

Project Summary

This lift was planned over a challenging two week period. Using a specialist hydraulic lift sub-contractor and car re-line specialist and a few trusted regular contractors.

The work was completed on time to a very high standard. Where the lift was tested, commissioned and put into service the very same day.

The customer was extremely delighted with the results which have led to further modernisation opportunities of a similar nature and opened up discussions about the possibility of maintenance work for the group.

Project Summary

The magnificent surroundings, emphasis on finishes, “Listed" wall paper and a peak season proved to be the key challenges for this project. The majority of the works were contained in the lift shaft, machine room and at the top floor landing as not to disrupt the guests. The programme was tightly packed into 6 weeks with a wide variety of trades constantly in and out of site requiring careful management. The results of which is a stunning lift car Interior in conjunction with a new door and control system delivering a lift service the hotel can truly rely on.