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Why is Preventative Maintenance so essential?

We offer preventative maintenance agreements for all your lifts and vertical transportation equipment. Your elevator machinery is highly sophisticated and in constant use, and that means all the moving parts become worn over time. Any lift, not being well maintained, inevitably results in breakdowns and the elevator being out of action. Ultimately, that creates unnecessary frustration with your end-users. Therefore, regular maintenance is vital to day-to-day safe, reliable and smooth operation.

How we extend the safe operation of your lift ?

Regular lift attendance significantly extends the life of your lifts and reduces your overall costs due to unnecessary expensive and unforeseen repairs.

At Concept Elevators, we have specially designed all our preventative maintenance programmes to extend the safe operation of your lift and equipment.

How do our Engineers save you money?

Our highly experienced engineers have all the expertise ensuring all aspects of the lift get regularly inspected and operate correctly. That includes standard tasks such as lubricating and adjusting all moving parts. Also, we clean and check the whole installation to ensure the lift is running smoothly, thus providing the best ride experience.

To save time and your costs, our qualified engineers use the latest portable electronic service management technology to record all critical information. All of our staff deliver a customer-focused approach optimising your lift performance by quickly resolving issues on your behalf. In the same way, defects, faults, wear and tear all get reported and scheduled for repair without delay.

Ultimately that all means that your lift is operating reliably and smoothly with minimum downtime.

You can trust our skills and experience

We have extensive experience maintaining all types of lifts from all the leading lift providers, including Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, Kone, Orona, Stannah and many other independent manufacturers.

Through the latest technology, our technical engineers have vital up to date fingertip access to information via our technical library at any time.

What Maintenance Agreement Packages do Concept Elevators offer you?

We have three levels of maintenance packages all specifically designed to meet your mobility and elevator access equipment usage and financial needs. All of our maintenance packages are backed up by our highly experienced and dedicated managerial and administrative teams.

Contact us now if you are seeking a trusted partner to manage your elevator and mobility access needs. We will be happy to arrange a survey of your elevator installation and advise you on the ideal maintenance package that suits your needs and budget.


CE Standard Maintenance Agreement

Our One-Star agreement allows for regular servicing of your lift equipment to suit its specific usage.

It protects and extends the life of your equipment through a detailed schedule of cleaning, lubrication and adjustment.


CE Intermediate Agreement

Our Two-Star agreement allows for regular maintenance of your lift equipment, along with the inclusion of a Concept Elevator engineer to attend the lift if a failure occurs. Our engineers ensure the lift is back up and running with minimal downtime and inconvenience.


CE Fully Comprehensive Agreement

Our Three-Star package is our most popular. It includes everything required by the lift owner to keep the equipment in top condition.

The agreement includes all regular maintenance, callouts, repairs and more importantly, all parts required (lift parts can be costly).

The agreement tailors to meet all your specific needs and includes additional testing services and attendance when required.

Our Satisfied Customers

Case Studies

  • The Walsall Housing Group Maintenance
Project Summary

Concept Elevators has partnered with WHG for twenty years and originally worked with the organisation when the lift portfolio was managed by Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council.

We support the group with the management of its lift portfolio which is considerable. Recently we have partnered with them to upgrade the two way communication in each of their lifts to benefit from new GSM technology. This removes the need for troublesome fixed telephone lines.

This upgrade ensures WHG can monitor all two way communication with its lifts and along with Concept Elevators can react quickly to any faults.

Concept Elevators are also a strong supporter of WHG’s social improvement plan. Recently we worked with the group to introduce an apprentice to our ranks via their tenant job finder scheme. This full story can be seen in our blog section.