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Concept Elevators believe in fast response to breakdowns

All elevators get a lot of use, and their sophisticated engineering makes them prone to wear and tear and failure. So, we understand how frustrating it is to your users when your lift breaks down.

Therefore, when it comes to responding to a breakdown or lift failure, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient customer service. Our 24/7 call centre has the know-how and systems in place to deal swiftly with all your urgent breakdown calls and repairs. What’s more, you have direct access to our engineering teams to reduce lift downtime.

We have the know-how, systems and technology

Our fully qualified engineers have the necessary technical skills to service all types of elevator, lift and vertical transportation equipment. We have the latest diagnostic tools at our fingertips to quickly diagnose problems and fix issues, quickly returning your lift to regular service.

Our smart systems anticipate future failures, so we can source parts and schedule repairs ahead of time. This significantly reduces elevator downtime getting your lift in service again quickly.

When it comes to equipment failures and breakdowns, it’s not just our Engineers that are involved – our managerial staff know what’s going on too. That means our team proactively communicate with you at every level, keeping you informed.

Concept Elevators keep an eye on your costs too

We understand that you, as our customer, want to maintain a lift service that is reliable at an affordable cost. So, we dedicate ourselves to keep any attendance and repair costs affordable to you as well.

Spare parts

We know how frustrating it can be if spare parts are not in stock. This delays repair work and we, like you, want your lift back in service as quickly as possible
Therefore, we have built (and regularly review) our robust supply chains to ensure the quickest availability of spare parts in the UK and other parts of the world.

Other value-added services

In addition to our breakdown and repair services, we offer other value-add services. These include Supplementary Testing, Condition Reporting, Passenger Entrapment Release Training, Escorted attendance and Fabrication Services.

Our Satisfied Customers

Case Studies

  • Wilko Retail Limited Breakdown & Repair
Project Summary

Concept Elevators has worked with Wiko for many years and has helped deliver a time critical service to keep their business moving. Almost every store has some form of lifting equipment, either a store passenger lift to move shoppers around, to a heavy duty goods lift receiving daily deliveries which are then moved quickly to the shop floor.

Wilko rely on Concept Elevators to deliver a response to priority calls of two hours to ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Our company has years of experience in working with high street retailers and fully understand the importance of a quick response.