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Is your lift ready to return to work?

If you have lifts in your property then the importance of having them regularly serviced cannot be overstated. To extend their operational life and ensure that they can be relied upon it’s crucial that you have them serviced. Breakdowns can be costly as well as inconvenient. The good news is that professional servicing and maintenance can ensure the risk of serious downtime is minimised.

What are the benefits of regular lift maintenance and what should you expect from your service provider?

What are the benefits of regular lift maintenance and servicing?

Firstly, lifts need to be maintained in order to comply with the relevant Health and Safety at Work legislation. Regular maintenance increases safety standards for users, and other occupants of the building. Having clients, staff or visitors stuck in an old or slow lift is something that should be avoided.

Poorly maintained lifts project a poor impression of the company. A reliable lift that’s pleasant to use helps to create a good overall impression.

Regular maintenance reduces the risk of breakdown and serious downtime which can be costly as well as inconvenient. Well-maintained lifts will usually have a longer service life than those that are poorly maintained, meaning that potential replacement costs are removed.

The benefits of regular lift maintenance and servicing are clear, but what should you expect from a lift servicing service

What to expect from a lift maintenance service?

A lift maintenance service should at a minimum ensure the proper functioning of the lift, but a comprehensive lift maintenance service will usually go much further than that. Maintaining passenger lifts will usually entail keeping the exterior clean, this is particularly important if your building has external platform lifts. This routine is about more than just aesthetics, it also prevents the doors from getting stuck while the lift is in use.

Professional lift maintenance will also involve lubricating all movable parts, and any adjustments that are required to guarantee a reliable and optimal performance. Any problems will be identified, parts replaced and renewed, and any faults in the system repaired.

The main objective of passenger lift maintenance is to ensure the lift is safe and comfortable to use and not prone to breakdowns. Regular safety maintenance will involve a comprehensive assessment routine. This should ensure that the user experience is consistent and convenient, and that the users of a building can maintain access to all of the facilities and services that they need.

Reliable repairs and unscheduled maintenance

A maintenance schedule should be drawn up from the moment a lift is installed. If an older lift doesn’t have an agreed maintenance schedule then it’s important to have the current condition of the lift assessed by a professional lift engineer and a schedule drawn up.

A schedule allows you to prepare a maintenance budget. This should cover pertinent aspects such as replacement parts and any internal adjustments required. This should be undertaken at least every six months, depending on the amount of use the lift has.

Lifts may also be subject to unscheduled repair and maintenance. In such instances, you need to be confident that your lift maintenance company will be on hand in a timely manner to take care of any breakdowns. Downtime can be inconvenient as well as costly, so a standby maintenance team should be with you in good time to ensure that usage is restored within the shortest time possible.

Maintenance and repair services you can count on

If your building has a lift installed it’s crucial that you have a maintenance and repair service you can rely upon. All too often, maintenance services offer the bare minimum and there can often be delays in responding to emergency repairs. If this sounds familiar then it may be time to review your service provider.

Preventative maintenance from Concept Elevators can extend the life of your lift and reduce your overall costs due to unnecessary breakdowns requiring repairs. With three levels of maintenance package available you can choose a service package that matches your maintenance schedule.

Our experienced, fully qualified engineers have the necessary technical skills to keep your lift operating as intended. If your lift does breakdown, then you need a reliable repair service that can respond quickly.

Concept Elevators has a 24/7 call centre and we give our clients direct access to our engineering teams who will be on site promptly to rectify the issue and get your lifts working again.

Call 01543 273673 or email helpdesk@conceptelevators.co.uk to find out more.

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